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Toxicology Experts Find Biotech Crops As Safe As Conventional Crops

The Biotech Advantage 07/10/2002
Genetically enhanced crops pose no special risks, according to a recent study released by the Society of Toxicology, a well-established organization of scientists from more than 44 countries. The safety of biotech foods can be assessed with reasonable certainty, the report says, using current methods of analytical, nutritional and toxicological research.
For example, the study found that insect-resistant (Bt) crops are safe because mammals and non-targeted insects do not have the receptors necessary to bind with the Bt protein. This means that only specific insects, such as the Asiatic corn borer pest, would be effected by the presence of Bt in the plant.
Some have raised concerns about possible introduction of allergens in food from biotech crops. The study responds by noting that, although testing for allergens is an evolving science, the current approaches are sufficient to allow scientists to accurately assess the potential for allergic reactions. The report points out that it is important to note that even some conventional foods are known to be allergenic.
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