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Nestle Affirms Safety of Genetically Modified Ingredients

The Biotech Advantage June 12, 2002
Nestle stands behind its use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs,) reaffirming its view that foods made with these ingredients do not constitute a health risk. This comes after Nestle was criticized by Greenpeace Thailand for using products made with plant biotechnology.
"Genetically modified crops, as all raw materials used by Nestle, comply with strict regulatory and safety evaluations," the company says. "Nestle concurs with the shared opinion of the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and numerous other independent scientific bodies that genetically modified crops, including ingredients derived from them, that have passed food safety evaluation procedures, are as safe for use in food production as their traditional counterparts."
The company says it recognizes the potential of biotechnology to improve the quality, availability and nutritional value of food. "For these reasons, Nestle supports a responsible application of gene technology for food production based on sound scientific research."
"Nestle Supports Responsible Use of GMOs in Food Products," BusinessWorld